Saint Goueno Masters 2019, the beginning......
04/06/2019  Damien
The build up to this event has been incredibly tense. As most of our followers will know the car was almost a write off only 7 weeks ago after rolling the car at Park Bend, Cadwell Park.

The damage was assessed and it looked like the car could be saved but the work involved to have the car ready for our trip to France was complex and would require 100s of hours by a very skilled workforce.

The car was stripped at SD Motorsports within hours of the crash and shipped off to CSK Exhausts for a new tubular front end. Charlie and his team did an amazing job leaving the front of the car incredibly strong but also removable in minutes allowing easy access to everything. Much of the front end design is to SD Motorsport specification.

With the structural element of the car in place it was over to Daren Bezant of ABW Motorsport for the body work. The Legacy has a very unique body kit and there is only one company that we would trust to get the car back to looking it’s best. Daren had his work cut out just repairing the damaged panels on the car but he took things to the next level by moulding and laying up most of the parts so that they would be significantly lighter and could be made quickly should we need a panel or two in the future. The front bumper has been redesigned and we now have fibreglass headlight blanks too.

The complete kit including the headlight blanks are now available to order from ABW Motorsport.

Whilst the car was stripped down a replacement ACT clutch was sourced through Alyn at AS Performance as was a new Tilton bias bar adjuster.

The Legacy was then transported back to SD Motorsport together with hopes and prayers for a miracle. With less than 6 days to go both Steven and the guys down at CSK Exhausts had to work around the clock to get the car finished. With several hiccups along the way the car was finished with only a few hours to spare for the journey to Portsmouth and onto the ferry to France.......

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