New front end, work in progress.....
11/05/2017  Damien
So over the last few months the Legacy has been on a fairly substantial weight loss programme, part of this was to remove all the bent and damaged front end components and replace them with somthing light yet structurally strong enough to support the weight of the radiator, Intercooler and front aero. James at Full Flow Custom made a start on the tubular front end and here we have the first picture of what has ... Read More
Team Legacy website goes live
10/05/2017  Damien
We are absolutely buzzing about our new website designed and maintained by the awesome guys at Efinity IT Soloutions. Ping them a message if you've been wanting a website or your current website is looking a little dated.

The website is work in progress and will have regular updates so please visit the site now and then to see what we are up to. Our sponsors are an incredible group providing some of the ... Read More
Current progress
07/05/2017  Damien
The painter is flat out on the engine bay and interior prior to the trip to JT Innovations for some wiring. ... Read More
Cadwell Club 4WD Lap Record still stands
02/05/2017  Damien
In 2015 we set the UK Time Attack Club 4WD Lap record with a time of 1:34.801 and it hasn't been beaten yet! ... Read More
We collected the Legacy from James at Full Flow Custom late last night and it's fair to say the car went on a rather extreme diet! James was busy with a grinder and there is little left.
19/03/2017  Damien
The next step is a quick tidy up then off for paint to the engine bay and interior. Meanwhile Track Formula are working round the clock on the paddle shift and wireless steering wheel setup, Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions have completed and shipped our Sequential to Clark Motorsport, John Stevenson is putting finishing touches to our engine loom and Tim at JT Innovations Ltd is under starters orders to complete the Syvecs ... Read More
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