Track Formula XAP unit installed
30/10/2017  Damien
As per the picture we have now fully fitted the first “Subaru specific” Track Formula XAP electronic actuator. We had the base plate anodised satin black to match the XAP unit and the Samsonas shifter mechanism. As shown the full sized Samsonas gear leaver has been replaced by a smaller custom stubby leaver, should the need arise the standard leaver can be refitted in minutes. The Subaru Specific kit is top quality and incredibly easy ... Read More
JT Innovations are go.......
25/08/2017  Damien
News just in from Tim at JT Innovations that work is underway on the wiring loom for the race car. Weeks have been spent thrashing out the final loom design and it is now in the construstion phase. The keypad buttons are just what it came with, we will be asigining our own functions to each button. The backing plate is also temporary. The loom and its design are very special and we have made ... Read More
It's getting warmer........
11/06/2017  Damien
Well our tyres will be at the next outing. We have invested in a set of tyre warmers for the Legacy thanks to Richard Marshall. #allthegear ... Read More
Torque Soloution.....
11/06/2017  Damien
Having run group N engine mounts for many years now it was time to upgrade. After some advise from Steven at SD Motorsport it was back on the phone to Ross at Ross Sport for some fantastic Torque Solution engine mounts. ... Read More
Wow what an amazing weekend....
04/06/2017  Damien
Friday evening was our first ever visit to Buckmore Park Go Kart circuit and the weather was looking great until the driver briefing then the heavens opened and the track was totally water logged, the 30min endurance was fantastic with a great group of people and although we didn't manage the overall win we did get the fastest lap by over a second.

Saturday morning started with a trip to ABW Motorsport and collection of ... Read More
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